Afghan Maymana Kilim, 173 x 212
Afghan Maymana Kilim, 173 x 212
Afghan Maymana Kilim, 173 x 212

Afghan Maymana Kilim, 173 x 212

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173 x 212

Kilims or flatweaves are one of the earliest forms textile and rugs made by the process of interweaving of horizontal strands of weft yarns across the vertical warp to produce a flat surface with no pile. They have been traced and attributed to the workmanship of nomadic tribes from across the silk route who found many useful benefit for both domestic and utilitarian uses. When the early weavers began to imbue these articles with mystical folk motifs, symbols and patterns they became a distinctive example of their unique ethnic origins, superstitions and beliefs. A primitive ethnographic art form was created that has endured with the passage of time in the same manner as it began thousands of years ago that started the evolution of all domestic textiles that adorn us today.

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